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Deepam Cosmetology Hospital is a comprehensive center for advanced cosmetic treatments. Our trained professionals are committed to provide the best cosmetology treatments suited to your expectations with utmost care and commitment.

The most widely performed cosmetic procedures are, Liposuction Treatment, Hair Transplantation, Body Contouring, Gynaecomastia, Rhinoplasty, Breast Lift, Breast Implants, and Breast Reduction. Body Contouring includes conventional Power assisted tumescent liposuction as well as skin tightening following weight loss surgery. Most of the surgeries are done as a day case procedure. It involves only 1 day of stay in the hospital. Major procedures may require overnight stay in the hospital as deemed necessary.

People who seek plastic surgery obviously want to change their appearance. But that isn't at the heart of what they want.

It all starts with people wanting to improve imperfections so they can feel better about themselves. Some spoke about improving physical features that had bothered them for some time. They felt they would be happier, that others would respond to them better, and that they would have improved social lives. Men in particular thought they would have improved career opportunities."

Some older studies suggested that the average plastic-surgery patient is likely to have some psychological disturbance -- especially male patients. But this is old research. I found that on average, the plastic surgery patient does not suffer from any psychiatric disorder. Those older views are outdated.

When people go to a plastic surgeon, we want them to feel listened to rather than sold something. A consultation can go wrong when you tell someone what they need rather than listen to what they want. What they want may change during the consultation, but most patients are more reasonable than you would believe. We take time, listen, and develop rapport. And if a patient doesn't fit our criteria for safe surgery, we say so.

Another reason why patients have realistic expectations: They do their homework.

Not every problem people perceive with their bodies can be fixed with plastic surgery.

But our interviews with patients showed they did not see surgery as a panacea for everything in their lives. They could foresee changes in relationships, but these were very targeted changes. They did not see plastic surgery as a magic bullet. They had a very realistic idea of what they could expect."

If someone is unhappy with their nose and comes out with a nose he or she is happier with, it works. If they are not looking to change the fundamental quality of their lives and all their doubts -- if they come in with realistic expectations -- people can probably get the results they are hoping for.

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