Ear Sculpting Surgery

Otoplasty is a very usual surgical procedure performed to correct protruding ears. This surgery can be done only on adults as well as on children over five years of age. It is always recommended at an early age to help alleviate teasing at school by other children. Many parents are often unaware of or underestimate the severe psychological trauma that can result from such harassment.

There are many types in this Otoplasty. The most common method involves incisions in the back of the ears to expose the ear cartilage. Some cartilage is usually remodeled or reduced before the ear is repositioned. To maintain this correction sutures are used. The outer skin is sutured and the ears are bandaged for many days to protect them in their new position. Sutures are generally removed within a few days.

To create a normal fold, parallel cuts are made in the cartilage in the region where the normal fold is expected, and several permanent sutures are placed to maintain that fold. Then, the ear is pinned back with permanent sutures going from the edge of the ear to the lining of the bone to permanently flatten out the ear in the more natural position.

It has been independently popularized by many plastic and cosmetic surgeons. Nonetheless, most surgeons still continue utilizing the standard procedure. To ensure that you or your child end up with natural-looking ears, make sure that your surgeon does not use the standard technique.

After Surgery

The improvement from surgery is readily apparent, although the final result will not be evident for several weeks due to swelling and other natural changes that are a result of healing. Swelling and bruising are normal, but usually disappear within a week or so. Patients usually return to full activity by the end of two weeks, although it is necessary to protect the ears from trauma or bending until healing is more complete. Discomfort is mild and rarely is pain medication required.

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