Lip Sculpting Surgery


In this world everybody wants to have soft and beautiful lips. In recent times lip makeovers have become very popular due to the quick accessibility of lip sculpting surgery. This lip sculpting enhances the shape of the lips and makes it look more youthful and attractive.

What is lip sculpting?

The lip sculpting procedure involves one or more combination of procedures restores the youthful curves of the lips and it adds more sharpness and softness. In this procedure the doctors inject collagen under the skin of the lip. Moreover additionally, a doctor may decide to inject required density of hyaluronic acid, like Restylane, into the lip muscle to add support and structure of the mouth. Since people have different types of lips, the kind of procedure will change from person to person. Hence only a doctor will determine which procedure is necessary for favorable results.

When Does A Person Opt For Lip Sculpting?
For two reasons a person undergoes lip sculpting. They are:
  • When the Lips are thin ?
  • If one desires improved shape of the lips

As a first step the surgeon reviews the medical history of the patient to know his/her medical report then the doctor examines the lips and may also take a picture of it They have the picture as a medical record and to refer to the picture while planning the surgery. If required the patient will be asked to perform a few tests also. Always the doctor discusses the risks and benefits of undergoing the surgery with person who wants to take this procedure. The patient may have to follow certain instructions like avoiding the intake of aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and other medicines that would increase bleeding before taking this surgery. Most importantly drinking plenty of water will keep the person hydrated for a safe recovery.


Normally this lip sculpting procedure takes about less than an hour to complete. But it also depends upon the combination of procedures that the doctor does. The procedure may get prolonged based on the type of the lip of the person. Before the surgery, the person will be given a dental block to numb the lips. Only this may give the person a mild discomfort. At times small incisions are given either in the oral cavity or in the border of the lip. To increase the shape and volume the filler substance that is extracted through liposuction from the thigh or abdomen is injected into the lips through these incisions. Soon after the surgery the person can get back to everyday routine.


Sometimes the patient may find it difficult to eat food for a few days and also experiences moderate swelling in the lip also. Normally the recovery time for lip sculpting is usually seven days and the patient is advised to follow the doctor’s instructions to fasten the healing process and also to reduce discomfort.

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