Male sexology

Regenerative Andrology & Sexual Medicine services

Andrology Services | Optimizing Sperm Retrieval for your fatherhood

  • Advanced Sperm Testing
    • Computerized Semen Analysis
    • DNA Fragmentation Testing (DFI)

  • Advanced blood test for predicting successful sperm retrieval in azoospermic men
    • Inhibin B
    • Y- Chromosome Micro deletion test

  • Sperm Optimization for successful IUI & IVF

  • Surgical Sperm Retrieval | Testicular Mapping
    • TESA
    • PESA
    • TESE
    • Micro-TESE

  • Reconstructive Surgeries for blocked sperm tube
    • Vaso-Epididymal Anastomosis (VEA)
    • VasoVasal Anastamosis (VVA)
    • Transurethral Resection of Epididymis (TURED)

  • Regenerative Medicine
    • After optimizing the testicular environment for better sperm production, PRP or Autologous Bone Marrow cells will be injected intratesticularly. This can increase the chance of spermatogonial regeneration and thereby provides an azoospermic patient with an opportunity to become a biological father.

Sexual Medicine Services | Reignite your Desires

  • Erectile Dysfunction
    • Specialized blood investigations to find out the cause of ED
    • Penile Colour Duplex Doppler imaging to assess the blood flow to the penis
    • Personalized treatment protocols to suit the patient’s individual needs
    • Penile boosting regimens to augment the sexual pleasure and to intensify orgasms
    • Penile Shock wave therapy to increase the intensity of erections and to get back the lost erections – Device needs to be purchased
    • Vascular Leak surgeries for conditions when the erectile dysfunction, especially in very young men, is due to increased back flow of venous blood. This will provide a permanent cure for ED without the need for any drugs.
    • PRP injection into the penis. This will cause neoangiogeneis (new blood vessel formation) thereby curing ED to an extent of making the patient drug free or making those to respond to the drug which they have failed to respond previously.
    • Intracavernous injections of a prefilled bimix preparation (Papaverine – Chlorpromazine) for elderly patients who have failed to respond to oral medications
    • Domestic and imported penile implants for men who have failed to respond to their medications. This will make them sex-ready, any time and every time!

  • Sex Therapy
    • For couples who are having trouble in their sex life
    • Non-Consummated Marriages
    • For newly married couples facing performance anxiety or fear of sex

  • Ejaculatory Dysfunction
    • Premature Ejaculation / Retrograde Ejaculation / Delayed Ejaculation
    • Detailed examination and investigations will be done and the treatment will be individualized according to patient’s age and need

  • Andropause
    • Supplementing hypogonadal men with the optimal testosterone dosing can improve their sex drive, muscle – bone strength and elevate their mood without causing any side effects
    • For hypogonadal men with diabetes, testosterone replacement can increase the sexual performance and improve their glycemic control

  • Cosmetic Sexology
    • Increasing the penile length and girth
    • Correction of buried penis
    • Whitening the groin area
    • Penile Curvature Correction

  • Peyronie’s Disease
    • With our advanced treatment options, the plaques on the penis can be reduced and thus the curved penis can be treated which will lead them to have a normal sex
    • Our treatment strategies include medications, shock wave therapy and penile stretching devices

  • Geriatric Sexual Health Care
    • Age is never a criteria to have sexual abstinence, provided the men are not being a menace to their family and the society.
    • We provide exclusive geriatric sexual advice to counsel them on myths and misconceptions in sexual longevity.

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