Neck Lift

A neck lift, or lower the neck is called Rhytidectomy. It is done by Cosmetic surgeons to tighten loose neck muscles and remove excess, sagging skin, restoring a smoother, firmer, and better appearance to the neck. This neck lifting procedure is performed as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation.

Losing youth contours in face and neck may be because of various factors like heredity, gravity, environmental conditions and stress. Some people may feel that they are not ready for a full facelift because the upper face is still pleasing. Still many people will note excess wrinkling of the neck skin, a double chin or "turkey wattle" and jowl lines.

If neck area doesn't match the upper facial appearance, a neck lift can be a good solution. As a surgery, a neck lift does not change your basic appearance and will not be able stop the aging process. A neck lift procedure can only be done surgically. Nonsurgical treatments cannot achieve the results that we want, but can help delay to the time at which a neck lift becomes appropriate and complement the results of surgery.

Neck lift procedures
Step 1 - Anesthesia

Medications are monitored and will be taken care for your comfort during the surgical procedure. This procedure includes intravenous sedation and general anesthesia also. Your doctor can recommend the best choice for you.

Step 2 - The incision

Depending on the change you want to do, your neck lift procedure will be traditional neck lift incision or a limited incision neck lift. The common traditional procedure of neck lift incision normally begins in the hairline at the level of the sideburn and continues down, around the ear and ends in the posterior hair. Fats from the jowls and neck may be sculpted or redistributed. The tissue underlying the neck skin area is repositioned, and usually the platysma muscle will be tightened. The Skin will be redraped over the uplifted contours and excess skin will be trimmed or moved away. A separate incision under the chin is often required for liposuction of this area and for repair of the muscle. Sutures or skin adhesives close the incisions. At times incision neck lift may be required around the ear only then it is limited incisions. Since this incisions are shorter and on limited area, the results may be more limited.

Step 3 - Closing the incisions

Incision lines are covered with sutures and skin glue. In some cases this sutures may be dissolving, or it needs to be removed after a few days. Once the healing process is over we can see the incision lines from a neck lift are usually well concealed within the hairline and in the natural contours of the ear.

Step 4 - See the results

Swelling and bruising subside are the visible improvements of a neck lift. Finally your neck lift result is not only to restore a more youthful and rested appearance for you, but also help you to feel more confident about yourself. Once you begin to monitor your neck lift results, please remember that it may take several weeks or few months for swelling to fully reduce and up to six months for incision lines to mature.

After this surgery a life-long sun protection and a healthy lifestyle will help you in extending the results of your rejuvenated, for youthful appearance. However we expect only good results from this neck lift procedure, there is no guarantee in it. In some cases, it may not be possible to achieve the best results with a single surgical procedure itself. So in those cases another surgery may be become necessary.

It is always advisable to follow your plastic surgeon's instructions to feel the success of your surgery. It is very important that the area of surgical incisions done, are not getting excessive force, abrasion or motion during the time of healing. So it is advisable avoid wearing any clothing that must go over your head. Your doctor will give you specific and clear instructions on how to care for yourself.

Neck lift risks and safety

The decision to take up this procedure of neck lift is extremely personal. You should decide whether the benefits will achieve your goals, and the risks and potential complications of a neck lift are acceptable to you and to the health. As a basic procedure you will be asked to sign on some consent forms to ensure that you fully understood the procedure and any risks and the potential complications.

Neck lift surgery risks include:

  • Risk Anesthesia
  • Excessive bleeding
  • May get temporary or permanent hair loss along the incisions
  • Facial asymmetry
  • Rare nerve injury which can cause weakness of the lower lip
  • Fluid accumulation (hematoma)
  • Infection
  • Unfavorable scarring
  • Prolonged swelling
  • Skin irregularities and discoloration
  • Skin loss
  • Sutures may spontaneously surface through the skin, it may become visible very much or produce irritation on the area and require removal
  • Numbness or other changes in skin sensation
  • Persistent pain
  • Poor wound healing
  • Rare risk of deep venous thrombosis with cardiac or pulmonary sequelae

These risks and others will be fully discussed prior to your consent. It is very important that you address all your questions directly with your surgeon before proceed further.

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