Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck surgery, also known as abdominoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure used to remove the excess fat and skin and, in most cases, rebuild weakened or separated muscles creating an abdominal profile that is smoother and firmer. It also makes the abdomen thinner and firmer.

However, this is a major surgery. So, if in any case you're considering it, take the time to educate yourself, thoroughly and analyse your own situation and do not rush to make the final decision.

Who can opt for a Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck is suitable for both men and women equally who are in good overall general health. It should not be confused with a liposuction (the cosmetic surgery used to remove fat deposits), although your surgeon might choose to perform liposuction as part of a tummy tuck.

Women who have muscles and skin that has been stretched by multiple pregnancies could find this procedure useful to tighten those muscles and reduce that skin.

Who should not opt for a Tummy Tuck?

Those who are still planning to have children, may need to postpone a tummy tuck surgery until you're through with bearing children. Here's why: During a Tummy tuck surgery, your vertical muscles are tightened, and future pregnancies can separate these muscles. It is also very important to note that a tummy tuck surgery can cause prominent, and a permanent scarring. If this is something you don't want, you would want to reconsider. All these issues will be discussed by your doctor when you go for the consultation.

Procedure for Tummy Tuck

Depending on your desired results, this procedure could take anywhere from one to five hours. This procedure could be done either as an in-patient or as an out-patient. Most likely, you will receive general anaesthesia, which will put you to sleep during the operation. It is very important to have someone with you who can drive you back home.

There are two options that your surgeon will suggest for you and you can choose any one of them. They are:

Complete abdominoplasty.

In this procedure your abdomen would be cut one end of the hipbone to the other. The incision will be made very low, at about the same level as your pubic hair.

Your surgeon will then manipulate and contour the skin, tissue and muscle as and when needed.

Your belly button will also have a new opening if you undergo this procedure, because it's necessary to free your navel from the surrounding tissue. Drainage tubes would be placed under your skin and these will be removed in a few days.

Partial or mini abdominoplasty.

This procedure is often performed on patients whose fat deposits are located below the navel and require shorter incisions.

During this surgical procedure, your belly button most likely would not be moved. But your skin will be separated between the line of incision and your belly button. This type of surgery can be performed with an endoscope This procedure may only take up to 2 hours, again, depending on your own personal situation and the complexity of your needs.

How to Prepare for Tummy Tuck Surgery

If you smoke, you will have to stop for a certain period of time as directed by your surgeon. It is not enough to just cut down on smoking. You must stop completely for minimum two weeks prior to surgery and maximum two weeks after. Smoking can increase the risk of complications and can delay the process of healing.

Make sure to have well-balanced, complete meals and do not try to diet excessively before the surgery. Proper nutrition can play a significant role in the healing process.

If you are taking certain medications, your surgeon would instruct you to stop taking these for a certain period before and after the surgery Before undergoing the surgery, you'll need to get your home ready for your post-operative care. Your home recovery area should include:

Taking Care of Yourself After Surgery

Whether you're having a partial or complete tummy tuck, your incision site will be stitched and bandaged. It is of utmost importance that you follow all your surgeon's instructions on how to care for the bandage in the days following surgery. Your surgeon will also instruct you on how to best position yourself while you sit or lie down to ease your pain.

If you are an active person, you would have to severely limit strenuous exercise for at least 6 weeks. Your doctor will advise you on this as you go through the recovering process. You may have to take a few days off from work.

Generally, most of the people will love the new look after they had undergone this procedure. Having said that, you might not feel like your normal self for months after the surgery. You've gone through a tremendous amount to make this happen, both emotionally and physically, and it is of utmost importance that you follow strict diet and exercise to maintain your new look.

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