Vulvoplasty Surgery

The outer part of your vagina is the vulva. It serves as a shield for your reproductive organs, the opening to your urinary tract, your vestibule and your vagina. Because your vulva includes your clitoris, it determines how much sensation you feel during sex. It also plays a major role in your sexual response. Surgical correction of a deformed, damaged or excessively large vulva is called a vulvoplasty. This procedure is totally different from a vaginoplasty. This procedure often preferred best if you have continuing vaginal disorders.

This type of cosmetic surgery is becoming more and more popular as women take responsibility for their bodies and their sexual experiences. Other women may feel pain when practicing certain sports such as cycling that can be eased with a vulvoplasty. This procedure is usually done by women either for cosmetic reasons or for clinical.

Vulvoplasty for Cosmetic reasons can:

  • Restore self-esteem
  • Rejuvenate your love life
  • Provide added sexual excitement
    • Vulvoplasty for Clinical Reasons:

      Heavy layers of skin on the vulva can create medical problems that a vulvoplasty can address. Excess folds lead to a host of complications that can include:

      • Chronic vaginitis
      • Dermatitis
      • UTIs or urinary tract infection
      • Pyoderma or bacterial infections
        • In conclusion, a vulvoplasty, like many other plastic surgery procedures, affects your quality of life, something that is quite difficult to put a price tag on. Through open discussions with your doctor, you can figure out, if it is the right path for you to take to reach your full potential.

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